The Speaking Club online is the perfect way to practice conversation in English and other languages.

Starting at per hour

How does it work?

The Speaking Club is a meeting online where people from different countries come together to practice speaking in many languages.

There are only two rules in the Speaking Club: 
1. Be nice! – it is not a competition, everybody is here just to practice speaking 🙂 
2. Target language only! – no other language is allowed.

Alright, here is how it works step by step:

1. Watch the short video before the meeting.
This is the topic for the speaking club, you can also take a quick look at the questions, but no need to prepare.

2. Join the meeting on Zoom (Zoom is a free video-conferencing software like Skype).
The meeting will last 1 hour.

3. The organizer will put you in a mini group of 3 people to start the first part.
This will last 15-20 minutes. There will be 3 parts in one hour.

4. Have fun!

If it still sounds complicated, don’t worry! There will be someone there to guide you in the beginning.
Send us a message and let’s arrange a meeting on Zoom!

Anyone from any country can join.

To join the Intermediate group, you should be able to have at least a basic conversation in the target language – we will check your level during our one on one meeting on Zoom.

New: Low levels can now join the French and Portuguese Speaking Clubs! We recommend that you complete the Duolingo course before you join the beginner group.
We have created questions inspired by the Duolingo course. Look for this icon in the timetables to see the beginner questions:  

You can Register here, and then you will need to have a quick online meeting to check your microphone/webcam are working and your language level is sufficient.

No, we don’t use Skype. We use Zoom, it’s a free video-conferencing software like Skype but it’s a little better for groups. You don’t need to create an account on Zoom. Just install it on your computer and join a meeting.

The first time is completely free, with no obligations – just come and try for fun! 
If you wish to continue, the price is as low as 4 USD per hour*. 

*The Speaking Club is completely free for native speakers!




4 Hours

$ 5 /hour
  • 30 days
  • No discounts

8 Hours

$ 4
  • 30 days
  • 1 Free Hour

16 Hours

$ 4 /hour
  • 60 days
  • 3 Free Hours


~ NEW ~
$ 49 /month
  • 30 days
  • Attend any meeting!

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