The Speaking Club online is the perfect way to practice conversation in English and other languages.

How does it work?

The Speaking Club is a meeting online where people from different countries come together to practice speaking in English.

There are only two rules in the Speaking Club: 
1. Be nice! – it is not a competition, everybody is here just to practice English 🙂 
2. English only! – no other language is allowed.

Alright, here is how it works step by step:

1. Watch the short video before the meeting.
This is the topic for the speaking club, you can also take a quick look at the questions, but no need to prepare.

2. Join the meeting on Zoom (Zoom is a free video-conferencing software like Skype).
The meeting will last 1 hour.

3. The organizer will put you in a mini group of 3 people to start the first part.
This will last 15-20 minutes. There will be 3 parts in one hour.

4. Have fun!

If it still sounds complicated, don’t worry! I will be there to guide you in the beginning.
Send me a message and let’s arrange a meeting on Zoom!

Anyone from any country can join. Your English level should be minimum Intermediate – we will check your English during our one on one meeting on Zoom.

You can Register here, and then you will need to have a quick online meeting to check your microphone/webcam are working and your language level is sufficient.

No, we don’t use Skype. We use Zoom, it’s a free video-conferencing software like Skype but it’s a little better for groups. You don’t need to create an account on Zoom. Just install it on your laptop and join a meeting.

The first time is completely free, with no obligations – just come and try for fun! 
If you wish to continue, the price is as low as 4 USD per hour*. 

*The Speaking Club is completely free for native speakers!


All times are displayed in your local time zone!

Part 1 – The body

1. Do you like your body?
2. What are the most useful parts of our body?
3. What kind of body language do you use?
4. Would you rather have the perfect body or be super intelligent?
5. What do you do to look after your body?
6. How is your body changing? Do you like these changes?
7. What will our body look like after another million years of evolution?
8. How good is our body compared to animals?

Part 2 – Surgery

1. Have you ever had surgery / an operation?
2. How would you feel if you needed surgery?
3. Would you ever consider having cosmetic surgery?
4. Would you like to be a surgeon?
5. Would you consider having surgery in another country?
6. If you had surgery, would you prefer to be awake or asleep?
7. How have surgical techniques changed over the past century?
8. What do you think surgery will be like in the future?

Part 3 – Conversation

1. What was your favorite toy growing up?
2. When do people make wishes in your culture?
3. What do you like to do when you go to the beach?
4. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
5. What fictional place would you most like to go?
6. What would your perfect room look like?
7. What trends did you follow when you were younger?
8. Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

Part 1 – Images

1. What is your favorite image in popular culture?
2. Do people care a lot about their public image in your country?
3. When you think of peace, what image do you think of?
4. What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘media’?
5. Do images go with smells? Give an example, please.
6. How many images do you have on your phone?
7. “A picture is worth a thousand words” – Do you agree?
8. Do you dream in black and white or color images?

Part 2 – Psychology

1. Would you like to study psychology?
2. What would a psychologist say about you?
3. Would you like to visit a psychologist?
4. Who would you really like to understand the psychology of?
5. Do you like doing psychology tests?
6. Which great psychologists do you know of?
7. Do you think you can get a good job with a psychology degree?
8. What is reverse psychology?

Part 3 – Conversation

1. If you had to bury treasure, where would you hide it?
2. Do you have a big family?
3. What were you completely certain of until you found out you were wrong?
4. What did you think was silly until you tried it?
5. What question would you most like to know the answer to?
6. How have your goals changed as you’ve gotten older?
7. Have you ever spoken in front of a large group of people? How did it go?
8. Do you have a morning ritual?

Part 1 – Eating habits

1. How much do you enjoy eating?
2. What time of the day do you most enjoy eating?
3. Where in your house is your favourite place to eat?
4. Do you like watching TV while you eat?
5. Are there any rules in your house when you eat?
6. Are you a slow or fast eater?
7. What eating manners do you have in your country that you like and dislike?
8. Are there any rules in your country about eating in public?

Part 2 – Plastic

1. Do you know how plastic is made?
2. What would the world be like without plastic?
3. What would your home be like without plastic?
4. What are the downsides to plastic?
5. How useful are plastic containers?
6. What do you think of plastic shopping bags?
7. Do you prefer to use cash or plastic (credit cards)?
8. What is plastic surgery? Would you like to try it?

Part 3 – Conversation

1. What’s your favorite season? Why?
2. Do you prefer to travel or stay close to home?
3. Where is the most relaxing place you’ve ever been?
4. How often do you wish you had special powers?
5. As the only human left on Earth, what would you do?
6. What do you spend the most time thinking about?
7. Who is your favorite band?
8. When was the last time you had a headache?

Part 1 – Cold

1. What is the temperature in your city these days?
2. Do you prefer a cold winter or a hot summer?
3. How cold does it get in winter where you are?
4. Do you like to take cold showers?
5. What is your favorite frozen food?
6. How often do you catch a cold?
7. Are people cold with strangers in your culture?
8. Tell us about your coldest day, please.

Part 2 – Home

1. What’s your favourite thing about your home?
2. What is your dream home?
3. What home improvements would you like to make to your home?
4. Would you rather live in a house or an apartment?
5. Do you agree that ‘home is where the heart is’?
6. Do you like being at home alone?
7. Would you like to work at home?
8. Are you a stay-at-home person or a going-out person?

Part 3 – Conversation

1. What was cool when you were young but isn’t cool now?
2. What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever done?
3. What takes up too much of your time?
4. Where do you see yourself living when you retire?
5. Do you ever regret eating something after eating it?
6. How many phones have you broken or lost?
7. What time period would you travel to?
8. What is something you are obsessed with?

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Get +1 Credit* when you attend a meeting of your native language**!
4 Credits*
30 days
No discounts
8 Credits*
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1 Free Credit
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Attend any meeting!

*With 1 Credit you can join 1 Speaking Club (1 hour)

**Only available for native English speakers at this time.

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