Hello world!

Hey everyone!
I hope everyone is having a good time in the meetings. It can still get a little messy at times, but I hope the experience is enjoyable for all of you overall.

I have noticed a large influx of Russian and Ukrainian friends joining us recently, so a big welcome to all of you 🙂
I am also promoting the site to Western Europe and other parts of the world too at the moment in the hope of somewhat redressing this balance and keep the meetings as diverse as possible. I have always felt that the Speaking Club is a place where one can practice their spoken English, but also a place where one can learn about the world and expand one’s horizon.

Honestly, I have never written a blog before. I think I might use this space to write down ideas and future plans.

Also, this can be a place where you guys let me know about ways in which I could make this platform better. I am always looking at ways to improve, so don’t be shy!!
– Boris

3 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. Hi BorisI
    I don’t understand at what time have I connect because I’ve tried to do it at 13:45 and I haven’t….
    Any idea about what’s happen?
    Thanks in advance!

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