The Speaking Club is not an online school, and as such, we don’t offer classes. Nevertheless, we are visited by thousands of English learners every month. If you are a native teacher, we invite you to participate in the meetings and in return, we will help promote you as a teacher on the site and in the meetings.

How does it work?

Whether you are an English teacher looking for students, or a content creator trying to gain exposure, the Speaking Club proposes to help you by displaying your profile on our teacher page. There, members and visitors can find you and you will have the chance to be discovered by an audience of English learners. In exchange, we invite you to attend one or two meetings a week and give participants a chance to interact with a real native speaker!

All you need to do, is register and apply, and we will contact you to let you know the steps to follow.

How do I benefit?

The benefits of attending the meetings as a native English teacher are twofold.

In the meetings, we will introduce you to the group and let everyone know a little about you at the beginning of every meeting. We will also provide you with the means to promote yourselves in the meetings by using a customized virtual background letting everybody know that you are a native teacher and that they can find your profile on the teacher page.

On the site, we will add you to the teacher page, where Speaking Club members and visitors alike can find your profile and contact you directly for classes or find links to your YouTube channel, Blog, Facebook group, or other original content that you are creating.

You will also be granted free access to the Speaking Clubs in French, Portuguese, and Chinese (under development).

What is expected of me?

As a native teacher, when you join a meeting, you are there only to participate like everyone else. You are not there to teach, only to provide the members with an awesome linguistic and cultural experience. Sharing your thoughts and giving members the opportunity to see the world through another perspective. Our participants are always super excited to get the chance to speak with a native English speaker.

The Partner Program

Additionally, there is also a partner program that may interest you. If you join us as a partner, you will be able to earn 30% commission on every membership bought by your referrals. This commission is also recurring, meaning that over time, you could earn a not so insignificant passive income.

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